Work Experience Training

Become a Training Worksite

About the Program

  • Become a worksite for trainees looking for real-world work experience.
  • NWC pays all wages, L&I and payroll taxes for the trainee for short term work experience (usually 6 months).
  • Trainees can be used by companies as a development program for potential future employees.
  • This program is available to any company in NWC’s region (Whatcom, Skagit, Island and San Juan counties).

Steps to Becoming a Training Worksite

  • Review the Become a Training Worksite Manual.
  • Review and sign a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between NWC and your organization.
  • Complete a current Job Description Template for the training positions you would like to provide.
  • Provide NWC a copy of guidance your organization provides employees and trainees for COVID-19 Worksite Safety. Your plan must comply with general requirements defined by the Department of Labor and Industries.
  • Return these forms to and you will receive a response within three business days.
  1. Signed MOU
  2. Current Job Description(s) for your training positions
  3. COVID-19 Worksite Safety Plan

We look forward to working with you!